Old Bishop's Quarters

26 Fitzroy Place
Sandy Bay, TAS, 7005



Usually, you will receive a message before arrival with detailed arrival instructions. Please read this as it will usually tell you how to collect your key and find your apartment within the grounds.

We are located at the corner of Fitzroy Place and Regent Street. Off-street parking is provided - free all day.

Guests staying at the Housekeepers, Tutors and School House apartments

DO NOT drive in to 26 Fitzroy Place. Please drive slowly as you need to turn into the first driveway on the left on Regent Street after passing 26 Fitzroy Place.

You will note that this driveway leads to a gravel car park, the Old Bishop's Quarters guest carpark. If you could please park considerately as there are other guests arriving today (another 2 cars) - parking nose or rear towards the apple trees is best!

Guests staying at Monty’s Hideaway

Please go to 26 Fitzroy Place. As you enter the gate, if in a car, please park on the right by the high hedge. Then walk past the front door and into the garden as signposted.

Other information

If you are arriving via the airport, you can take the airport Skybus for approx $36 return or as a couple a taxi for a little bit more (c $65 each way). Car rental is usually better value/more useful for longer trips and it's cheaper in town.

The shuttle bus has been replaced by Skybus in 2018.

Maxi Taxis can be booked for up to 7 guests on reasonable terms ($50 ish from airport) with Hobart Maxi Taxis: Phone: 133 222 or +61 3 6243 3304.

Please note that school run hours (8.30-9.30) and (2.30-4) are often tricky for us if you need to find us!


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