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A glorious sunrise reflected in the River Derwent at Sandy Bay this week.

Tasmania in summer 2017-18: A warm season

Warm overall - Bureau of Meterology

  • Warm weather dominated for most of December and January, but there was a long run of cool days in February
  • Temperatures for all of the State were above average for summer as a whole, with many areas well above average
  • Temperatures were above average overall, with the State mean temperature fifth-warmest for summer at 1.24 °C above average, the mean maximum temperature sixth-warmest at 1.39 °C above average, and the mean minimum temperature fifth-warmest at 1.08 °C above average
  • The warmest weather was in January, including the 19th when larapuna / Eddystone Point and Bicheno had their highest temperature on record
  • The mornings of 28 and 29 January were very warm, with several sites in the north having warmest night (highest daily minimum temperature) on record